About Us

Hi! We are Stetzon and Makyla Blacker a husband and wife photo and video team! We are from the best small town, Rupert, Idaho.  We got married on November 18th , 2016 and have been living the dream ever since!  We have one child and his name is Bennett and we couldn't be happier! We also have a pet hedgehog ( named Tea-pol), two violins, two guitars, a banjo, a piano and some other random instruments we are extremely proud of! I have a degree in Business and Interior Design and Stetzon has a degree in Media Design. We fell in love with photography and videography while in college and thankfully it was something we both wanted to do together!  In our spare time you will find us outdoors, jamming out with some of our instruments or spending time with our family and friends. (We like game nights ALOT!)  We love to spend time together as a family and LOVE working together everyday! It makes us so happy getting to meet and spend time with our clients it is an adventure for us.  We love to create and bring the vision in our heads to life through our work.  Most importantly we can't WAIT to meet YOU!